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Valentina Villar

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Painting

Valentina Villar is a Chilean visual artist whose work has been distinguished by exploring the intersections between art, wilderness, and material culture. Graduated in Visual Arts with a specialization in painting from the University of Chile in 2021, Valentina has used painting as her primary language, combining projects that include videos, photographs, and paintings, although the pictorial medium, especially the landscape genre, has been the main matrix of her work.

Valentina’s artistic output is concerned with memories and collective imaginaries about territories, as well as traditional knowledge and skills, establishing interdisciplinary dialogues that encompass history, anthropology, geography, and adventure. The strategy in her work resorts to analog and digital registration and collection of objects of various natures.

Currently, Valentina is in Squamish with the mission of expanding her artistic practice in a territory that shares the great Pacific Ocean with her native country. She is interested in researching, connecting, and developing collaborations with local creators, mainly local artisans.

With an open mind and an adventurous heart, Valentina seeks to explore the connections between local culture and her own artistic practice, using her stay in Squamish as an opportunity to immerse herself in the rich creative community of the area and create works that reflect the diversity and beauty of this unique environment.

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