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Artist Speaks Series

Squamish Arts Artist Speaks Nina LaFlamme

Nina Laflamme

Nina LaFlamme is a photographer and artist living in Squamish, British Columbia. Her work includes high-resolution panoramic landscape photography, large format custom prints, and candid photojournalism for non-profit organizations. Her latest exhibition is at the Squamish Medical Clinic on Cleveland Avenue, and runs until June 2023. 

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Squamish Arts Council Executive Team Amy Liebenberg

Amy Liebenberg & Thomasina Pidgeon

Two local creatives, Squamish Arts Council Director Amy Liebenberg and photographer Thomasina Pidgeon, offer their respective collections as a critical conversation about Squamish’s overwhelming gentrification and the province-wide destruction of old growth landscapes. If the principle of “sight unseen” has historically enabled ignorance about our fading natural environments, then the stark reality of each collections’s imagery forces the issue unavoidably into view.

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Squamish arts council artist Rebecca Santry portfolio featured

Rebecca Santry

Blue, deep blue. Isn’t it the colour of peace and serenity? A colour that cools our peaked summer skin with its waters and enfolds us in its velvet winter skies when it is time to rest? Derived by the Egyptians some 5,000 years ago from the semi-precious stone Lapis Lazuli, deep-blue pigments remained a staple among creatives, meeting the brushes and panels of Renaissance artists before becoming prevalent in printing processes of the last two centuries.

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squamish arts andre paixao siqueira zen lamps artist speaks

Andre Paixao Siqueira

In sculptor Andre Paixao Siqueira’s world, every single rock is imbued with the spirit and history of its formation. This natural personality—a composite of sedimentary layers bound to human’s presence —is synthesized over time like any other living entity. Siqueira adopts his family of rocks from rivers, raw coastlines, and inland terrain, building short cairns or rock stacks like those guiding a hiker’s way.

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