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Squamish Arts Future Needs Study February 2024

Part IV


This section summarizes funding strategies which Squamish Arts and the District of Squamish can pursue to fund the creation of creative facilities within Squamish.

Funding Summary

The realization of an arts facility in Squamish has long been plagued by the lack of available funding. Our team has concluded this study by presenting two options which Squamish Arts and the DoS can explore to help actualize the options presented in Part III of this report.

Option 1: Community Amenity Contribution

The first recommendation is to utilize the DoS’s existing Community Amenity Contribution policy. The policy currently focuses on providing affordable housing, parkland and community spaces such as daycares. By expanding the policy focus to include arts facilities, the DoS can secure spaces at a lower upfront cost. Giving proper priority to the arts community is paramount when negotiating these contributions with developers.

Option 2: Grant Funding

The second recommendation is to pursue grant funding. This option can be pursued in conjunction with Option 1.
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