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Scarlet Pilozow

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Digital Art
  • Painting

Scarlet’s artistic expression embodies a profound journey into the ethereal realms, where the boundaries of our physical existence fade away. Within her creations, she delves deep into spiritual and mystical themes, weaving together threads of transformation and expanded consciousness. Her canvases come alive through a infusions of vibrant hues, pulsating with the essence of light, interwoven with sacred geometry and enchantment. Notably, Scarlet’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness resonates in her choice of solvent-free water-soluble oil paints and digital mediums like procreate.

Born amidst the vast prairies of Manitoba, Scarlet’s passion for drawing and painting taken root at an early age. Her journey of artistic growth led her to refine her skills in portraiture, acrylics, and graphic design, drawing inspiration from the wisdom of plant medicine and the harmonies of music.
In her creative process, Scarlet aspires to unite color, spirit, and emotions, aiming to captivate and mend the souls of those who encounter her work. Listening intently to her intuition, she embarks on a mission to kindle the creative flame within others, encouraging them to nurture their own talents and dreams, recognizing the transformative power of embracing their innate creativity.

For Scarlet, the realms of magic and artistry are inseparable companions. As her brush dances across the canvas, she holds a clear vision of infusing beauty and radiance into the world. Scarlet believes that the blossoming of creativity has the potential to be contagiously transformative, spreading love and serving as the very foundation of our universe.

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