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Nic Wideman

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting

Nic is a multidisciplinary artist who is Ontario born and currently resides in Squamish, BC. Nic creates murals, tattoos, digital illustrations, paintings, and fibre art. They are inspired by nature, their vivid dreams, and their expansive imagination. They create anything from minimalist to psychedelic designs, generally with lots of colour, because they see the world in a beautiful bright way and want to share that with others through their art. They have taught painting, macrame, and embroidery classes in Nicaragua at the Art Warehouse Cafe, and in Squamish through the Squamish Arts Council.

They are mostly self taught with prior education being high school art classes, Photoshop and Illustrator course at Toronto Art School, and local workshops.

Nic has created an adult colouring book called Kaleidoscope Visions that is available to purchase directly from them.

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