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Desirae Devi

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Illustration

Desirae Devi has been a self taught artist from the age of 5. Without formal instruction, they have perfected their technique through trial and error, patience, devotion and the connection to their creative energy and intuitive gifts. Desirae works with several mediums from charcoal, to coloured pencil, to paint and pastel. Their visions have come to life in the form of custom tattoo designs, still life, photo realism portraits, posters and murals. This expression of the creative life force energy flowing through them is not just limited to pencil and paper. Desirae walks a path of artistry by weaving medicine and magic as a clear channel through writing poetry and songs, ecstatic dance, singing and peforming, climbing mountains and facilitating workshops for deep personal and collective healing. Their zest for life and profound commitment to this path as a creatrix sees them on magical journeys travelling and sharing their light with the world. 

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