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Jocelyn Popowich

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Illustration
  • Mixed Media

As a native Albertan farm kid, for Jocelyn Popowich, initially coming to Squamish felt like she had found her roots. This incredible place instantly captured her soul. It was somewhere that was immediately home. For Jocelyn, this is a place to live her passions and express her artistic freedom. Inspired by the extreme contrast and colours of the coastal rainforest, Jocelyn’s mixed media art reflects everything she surround herself in.

Jocelyn’s art creatively infuses an avid love of climbing and passion for the mountains into each piece. Her artistic creations embody her unique styles. The most climbing influenced is her rope art. Each piece is created by recycling and repurposing old, retired climbing materials (such as rope, slings, and harnesses) into bright, flowing landscape art. Movement, dreamy flow and epic texture is created in each piece. Secondary, are her vibrant, pop of colour mountain landscapes using washy, splattered watercolour with ink overlays. Like walking into a dream of brilliant colour.

May my art speak to your heart and soul.



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