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Jeri Connell

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Painting

Jeri Connell is a Vancouver-born and Alberta-raised artist who returned to beautiful British Columbia in 2014 and settled in Squamish. Jeri’s passion for creativity led her to cultivate and foster her own unique style that still defines much of her work today. This love and exploration continued to grow through high school where she found herself instantly drawn to charcoal and chalk pastels, creating portraits of musicians that came alive on paper. While studying at the University of Alberta, Jeri was introduced to other media and began incorporating this into her pieces.

Though Jeri took a hiatus from art to complete her degree in Psychology and pursue other interests, that innate desire to create was too strong to ignore. She made her artistic comeback early in 2023 and is delighted to have this creative outlet back. Jeri almost exclusively works with the human form, in either portrait or nude figure pieces. Her work is bold and dramatic, incorporating high contrast and abstract use of colour. She also loves to create texture with her work, and for this reason she tends to prefer acrylic paint. Jeri’s main motivation is the human figure, as she admires both its inherent beauty and what it is capable of.

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