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Goose Tremblay

Goose Tremblay migrated from eastern Canada to Banff Alta, where he attended the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and completed an internship for scenic carpentry. Tremblay, having apprenticed at a cabinet making shop at a very young age, brought both those skills to Vancouver where he began an enviable career as a set carpenter for the film industry.  

Goose has always put his skills to practical use, for example, rebuilding his a-frame on Bowen island and creating furniture and nifty things, large and small. 

Goose acknowledges that his skills, talents, and dedication to his craft are the results of mentorship, collaborations, and school of hard knocks. 

Goose met Elizabeth on an online dating site. And for the first date he took her target shooting with his buddies up the Ashlu on a chilly December day.After some good ol’ Squamish romance; the rest is history.

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