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Dominik Kalita

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Digital Art
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting

Dom is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Banff and raised in Squamish. He is the eldest of 4 siblings to two Czech parents who immigrated to Canada in their 20s. 

He draws influence from 1960s Eastern European cartoons, skateboard culture and mountain life—he’s jam-packed with obscure movie references and cheesy 1-liners. 

Although he got a lot of flack for being sarcastic growing up, he brings a unique POV into most of his work. Not bound to a particular medium—he has found himself working mainly in digital and acrylic mediums. In the simplest terms: Dom likes to make “stuff”— whether that be a site redesign, stickers, or one-of-a-kind carpets.

When Dom isn’t working, he’s out and about skiing, biking or on adventures with his dog. You can often spot him with his platinum blonde messy hair and talking to his dog like she understands every word he’s saying. 

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