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Zoe Evamy

Zoë graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and Illustration from Harrow College of Art in London England (now University of Westminster). She worked for several years in London as a freelance illustrator producing imagery for book and magazine publishing, Design and Advertising. Through her natural flare for colour and movement, Zoë began to gravitate towards the Animation Industry, painting background scenery for classically animated feature films including “Anastasia” and “Titan AE”. Zoë lived a typically nomadic lifestyle moving from place to place following film contracts in Europe, the US and Canada. Now a naturalized British/ Canadian citizen, Zoë balances a career in animation as an environment artist and art director, with her teaching and mentoring commitments and an ongoing art practice. Zoë is a faculty member of Capilano University’s IDEA program, an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and Associate member of Artists for Conservation.
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