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Kristy Turney

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Ceramics
  • Jewelry

Award winning artist Kristy Turney of Scandinavia Wolf Designs’ latest collection of home décor, jewelry and art has a wonderfully calming style that reflects the inherent beauty of Squamish and the west coast. Turney’s natural material creations are omnipresent in her work, such as her one of a kind handmade wood and ceramic wall hangers, decor pieces, jewelry and art.

“I design with materials that will persevere and last for ages like wood, ceramic, metals and stone. I love that the pieces I create are unique, one of a kind creations. When working with wood, ceramic and gemstones I always enjoy letting the material’s natural beauty be at the forefront.

When I source wood for my creations I find pleasure in using wood that might normally be discarded from felled trees to off cuts from local carpentry projects and reusing it to make useful, meaningful decor, jewelry and art.

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