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Lindsay Waite

Lindsay Waite is an artist hailing from the city of Mississauga, Ontario. With a passion for both photography and painting, Lindsay brings her artistic vision to life using both watercolour and acrylic paints.

Lindsay’s artistic journey began at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Toronto, Ontario, where she honed her skills and expanded her creative horizons. Through her studies in fine art, Lindsay gained a deep understanding of various mediums and techniques, allowing her to express her unique perspective through her artwork.

In 2015, Lindsay made the bold decision to relocate to the picturesque town of Squamish. Nestled amidst breathtaking natural landscapes, this idyllic setting provided Lindsay with an endless wellspring of inspiration for her artistic endeavours. The awe-inspiring beauty of Squamish, with its majestic mountains and tranquil rivers fuels creativity within Lindsay.

Combining her passion for photography and painting, Lindsay’s artwork captures the essence of her surroundings, showcasing the interplay between light, colour and texture. Her paintings evoke a sense of boldness and vibrancy.

Lindsay continues to push the boundaries of her creativity, constantly evolving and experimenting with new techniques to convey her artistic vision.Through her artwork, Lindsay Waite invites viewers to embark on a visual journey, offering a glimpse into the beauty and wonder that can be found in the world around us.

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