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Laurence Ramsay

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Painting

BC born multi-disciplinary artist and author Laurence Ramsay, creates surrealist hopepunk, solarpunk, and neo-futurist inspired works that seek to blend the line between where the urban and natural meet. Believing as an artist that we as a society won’t move forward until we can find a peaceful merger between technological advancement and living in rhythm with the natural cycles of our planet, his work is inspired by aspects drawn from the beauty of the natural world, geometry, urban cityscapes, street art and urban movement practices, pagan spirituality and witchcraft, death, fringe subcultures, and the queer experience of living on the edges of society. Ramsay uses spray paint, utilizing street art techniques drawn from graffiti and street art, as well as improvisational flow techniques, and general controlled chaos to bring his vibrantly coloured canvases to life.

His works have appeared in galleries and shops across the Sea to Sky corridor and his debut novel KYN is on sale now wherever books are sold. 

Squamish Arts Laurence Ramsay