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Lucie Vojnarova

I am an artist, traveler and keen explorer of nature. I was born in a beautiful little country in the middle of Europe called Czech Republic, but right now I am living in Squamish, BC.

I like to paint mountains, moons, skies and landscapes, because it makes me feel more connected with nature. I wish to capture the beauty of nature to keep it close to our hearts.

I mostly use watercolors – I love watching the colors smudging on wet paper, creating the most beautiful shapes and patterns. Occasionally I like to use acrylic paint as well – especially the artworks you can see up here.

On rare occasion, I mix watercolors with acrylic (Mt. Garibaldi in the moonlight), but I like experimenting and trying new things.

ArtWalk Venue: Frame It

Lucie Vojnarova potrait with whale paint