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Thomas Tong

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Textiles

At Siamurai, we upcycle vintage Japanese Indigo clothing and also we are a passionate small family business about creating Japanese-inspired street style clothing fusion with a traditional and modern twist. Our vision is to create something that is fun to wear. We design noragi-style kimonos, hoodies, samurai pants, ninja pants, skirts and many more.

-Siamurai Series-

We design Japanese Inspired Street-style wear such as noragi kimono, hoodies, samurai pants, ninja pants, long skirts, comfy pants and tribal pants. Your alternative comfy clothes.  We work with our Thai seamstresses in Thailand to create these wonderful collections.  Cotton fabrics are custom printed & made in Thailand with oriental & Japanese designs. 

-Vintage Collection-

We exhibit rare and unique vintage & antique Japanese textiles such as Fireman’s jacket and boro indigo garment.  Some pieces we repair & upcycle ourselves by using traditional sashiko hand-stitching. Each piece is unique and one-of-kind.  They are from the early 1900s (Meiji, Taisho Era) to the 1950s (mid-Showa Era) and originally created by common people, peasants farmers and villagers.  It has been past down from generation to generation and now it is recognized as Folk Art (Mingei).

-Home Decor Designs-

In the home decor selection, we have vintage boro and fabric rug from Japan, as well as banners (Nobori) and fabric wall art for display.  Each piece was done by mending many different pieces of scrap fabric together.  It presents a wonderful aesthetic.

-Custom Tabi Series- “or shoes”

I make one-of-a-kind custom tabi shoes by adding fan art or sashiko handstitched patchwork decorative design.

-Retro Series-

In the retro series, we use vintage clothing and add patchwork sashiko hand-stitching or machine stitch for decoration. 

-Custom Digital Noragi Print-

Custom art design for our noragi is possible to be done in digital printing.