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Lise Hamilton

Lise has been experimenting with mixed media for as long as she has been making art. Recently, what started as a form of doodling has evolved into multimedia collage.  Using torn pictures as a starting point to begin her painting, she finds creatures hiding on her board in the blots of paint. Each painting is an intriguing mass of strange and recognizable images in jewel like colour encouraging the viewer to look beyond the obvious.

Another of her creative passions is expressed through the manipulation textiles.

She cuts and collages pieces of fabric to which she adds beads, paper, vintage pictures and found objects and further embellishes them with machine and hand stitching. Her recent experiments with rust dying result in reliefs somewhat reminiscent of prehistoric cave paintings.

Originally from Montreal, Lise came to BC in ‘76 where she enrolled at Langara College in their 2-year certificate program.   Later she attended Emily Carr where she graduated in drawing and mixed media eventually completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Lise has lived in Squamish for over 35 years.  Art has always been part of her life but was often shoved to the back burner.  Today, with children grown and now retired she can spend her welcomed free time in her studio and focus on what inspires her.


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