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It’s Raining Poetry

It’s Raining Poetry (@itsrainingpoetry) is an arts and culture community project dreamed up by writer Tatiana Lee and artist Toby Jaxon (@toby.jaxon). This project sparks community connection through the power of poetry. Squamish poets of all ages were invited to submit haikus to a contest held earlier this spring. Now, selected haikus are hidden in plain sight, stenciled onto walkways all around Squamish using a water repellent, invisible paint. When it rains, poems appear to surprise and delight passersby. The poems will fade over time and the temporary nature of this sidewalk art reminds us that all things pass, even these uncertain pandemic times. As a counterpoint, to play with the idea of permanence and the lasting power of words, IRPP teamed up with metal artist Jack Fawcett (@the.artside) to showcase haikus of metal at the Library Foyer Gallery.