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Dexter Clarke

Dexter Clarke is a talented graphite and charcoal artist known for his hyper-realistic and detailed artworks. With his skills, he creates stunning figurative pieces that capture the essence of his subjects in a unique and captivating way. Dexter’s journey as an artist began when he was young, and he found himself fascinated by the way a simple pencil could bring an image to life on paper. He honed his skills over the years, experimenting with different techniques and mediums, before finding his true passion in graphite and charcoal.

Dexter’s style is characterized by his incredible attention to detail and his ability to capture the nuances of light and shadow with his pencils. His drawings are often described as hauntingly beautiful, with an almost photographic quality that is truly breathtaking. He finds inspiration in the people he meets and the world around him, and he sees art as a means of exploring the human experience and connecting with others on a deeper level.


ArtWalk Venue: The Gallery

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