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Amanda Desjardins

Artist Medium(s): 
  • Block Print

Uncategorized style type artist. Attempting to decode life’s vulnerable emotions with paint, charcoal and a way with words. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s conditioning. Maybe she’s sneaking around trying to see the unseen. Endlessly fumbling down a mountain of words trying to figure out if happy is actually sad. And if sad is actually happy. Branches reaching high out from the boredom of being bored. Stretching and reaching down rabbit holes of mystery and wonder. Attempting to seek answers and only finding more questions. Shes looking. Her eyes wide open. Taking it all in, one piece at a time. Wanting to complete the puzzle and knowing she never will. This is her hilarious agonizing, path. She has never been called smart. But she’s been labeled clever many many times..

She has explored emotional connection and expression thru art since before she could speak. Acrylic paints, watercolour, charcoal, pastels, graphite, inkwork and collage, have been her main mediums and rarely goes a day without accessing her creativity.

More recently, she has focused her artwork towards the human nude form. Celebrating multiple genders bodies, with positivity and compassion. Accessing the vulnerability and shame our society has constructed for our bodies thru artwork, has been very liberating and healing, for herself as well as her subjects. Creating beauty where there is shame, light where there is dark and exposing our fears; on a journey towards unlearning our conditioned definition of beauty. 

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