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Anonymous Art Show Artist Registration

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Anonymous Art Show Registration Now Closed.

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Call for Artists!

Join us for our annual fundraiser for the Anonymous Art Show on Thursday, November 26th.

The cost of Canvas is $10 and $25 will be returned if we sell your art or you can choose to donate these proceeds to the Squamish Arts Council.

By joining us for the Anonymous Art Show your work will be part of our online gallery which will be published post event and will remain on our website until Dec 31 alongside our 3-D Gallery. Once a purchase is made, it is removed from the wall, replaced with a sticker revealing the artist’s name. We will also release all the artist names on our website following the event.

For the art that doesn’t sell it will be available online until Dec 31 for purchasing outside of the buying night. Artists may submit up to 3 pieces.

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Step 1: Anonymous Art Show Artist Registration Form


Artist Information

Website / Social Media

Please put full link

You are a member of which Arts Council?

Artist Bio

Purchase Canvas(es)

To complete the registration as an artist to the Anonymous Art Show, AFTER YOU SUBMIT THIS FORM please purchase your canvas(es) below OR here. If you do not purchase your canvas(es) then your registration is not complete.

Blank Canvas Pickup

Your canvas(es) will be ready for delivery Oct 22, 23 between 12pm-4pm at Squamish Arts Council Building.

Completed Art Work Delivery

We ask that the completed art work is brought to the Squamish Arts Council Building on Nov 5 & 6 between 12pm-4pm or by appointment and that on the back of the art you include the title of the piece and the artist’s full name. The date of the event is Thursday, November 26, 2020. For any other inquiries please email us at events@squamishartscouncil.com.

Anonymous Art Show Terms & Conditions:

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Step 2: Purchase Canvas(es)

To complete your registration, AFTER you successfully submit the form above please purchase your canvas(es) below.

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