Christopher Penn

Chris has lived and painted in Squamish for over twenty years. He began drawing (and scrubbing) as soon as he could hold a crayon or pencil and has been painting since he was ten, when his mother gave him her old box of oils and gave him some hints and tips on how to use them. 

He has had no formal art training other than in ordinary high school art classes, where he and his art teacher heartily disagreed as to how art should be done. Since then he has gone his own way, painting to please himself and a few friends in a style that varies according to his mood and the subject before him. He paints what appeals to him, and if the results please other people too, so much the better.

He does mostly landscapes, always of places he knows and loves, Since 1961 he has painted almost exclusively in acrylics, starting with Bocour “Magna” paints and later using the well-known Winsor & Newton “Finity” series. 

He has no plans to improve his technique or deliberately change his style and has never attempted to instruct others. His paintings appear in no famous art collections either private or corporate but a few are on the walls of private houses in Canada, Switzerland, England, and New Zealand, in all of which places he has painted over the years. 


ArtWalk Venue: The Squamish Medical Clinic

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