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Victoire Perez

Victoire has been painting since the age of seven thanks to an experienced artist who shared her knowledge and techniques with her for 8 years. Victoire has aimed to make her passion of painting into a full time profession. At the age of eighteen she left France for Canada to live in an environment that has inspired her since she was a child. 

“My art reflects a part of my generation, street art as well as semi-realism and a challenge between the presence of completely opposite-coloured lights. Being a young woman in search of independence, I wanted to represent the power of the woman as well as her sensuality and her depth thanks to the presence of different tones and sources of light. Not wanting to shorten this idea to a culture or a nationality I painted several women to reinforce the exhaustive image I have. 

Travelling a lot and meeting different cultures, landscapes and people, my collections change and adapt to the different current subjects I live.

The message I wish to convey through my art is the idea of the power that does not stop at a body, existing everywhere in each individual. Not stopping only at the woman I consider the presence of all kinds in my paintings to cross many ideas and emotions.”

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